Completion of the warehouse with a new energy concept

A major step was the planning and implementation of the new warehouse of P + V GmbH in Künzelsau-Amrichshausen. The company presented the same demands on the new heating system, as to its own product portfolio of turning, milling and assembly parts. Our ultimate goal is the best technology to provide very good results in an environmentally friendly way. To implement this objective, the construction of the new warehouse and the associated energy and heating concept could contribute greatly.


Neue Lagerhalle mit Solarkollektoren

Company building the new warehouse of the P + V GmbH in Künzelsau Amrichshausen


To heat the new warehouse solar collectors were installed, which are coupled to a ground storage under the hall. The, heat gained by the solar panels is fed into the soil beneath the hall and stored there. In colder months, the heat can be recovered by a heat pump and used to heat the warehouse. So it is possible to use the sun warmth of summer and winter and to keep the warehouse at a constant temperature of 16 ° C. Also a part of the existing warehouse was connected to the new heating system and can thus be heated with. The new facility is a CO2 saving of over 50%, compared to a conventional heating with oil, expected.


Mit hilfe Sollarkollektoren die seitlich an der neuen Lagerhalle angebracht sind wird der Erdspeicher gespeist

Solar panels to power the ground storage at the new warehouse


A further step towards CO2 reduction was the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the new warehouse. The PV system was designed so that the energy consumption of the heat pump, as well as the overall power requirements of the company P + V are covered by their own renewable energy.


PV Anlage auf dem Dach der neuen Lagerhalle

Photovoltaic system on the roof of the new warehouse


The completion of both systems, the company P + V can already completely cover your current needs, normally by solar energy and reduce heating oil demand.