Our Competences

Our company P + V is now more than 20 years known as a reliable specialist in precision and connection. We supply a variety of well-known companies in the electrical industry, control engineering, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction as well as power plants. The structure of our company is quickly brought to the point: With our team of experienced industry experts and qualified professionals, we serve as an effective external module to enhance your development and production processes. We are always ready to help you to provide your needed parts on time, in the required quality and the best possible price.

"The world of precision engineering is large. We have the overview and know the details."

Our products include machining parts, machined parts, stamping and bending parts, hot and cold pressed parts, burning and laser parts, plastic injection molded parts and assembly parts. Our operating organization shapes our team into a dense network of short routes.  

With us as direct contact you cover a variety of your demand and save lots of requests of different products from different suppliers. 


The staff of P + V GmbH in Künzelsau-Amrichshausen. In the front the management.

The P+V Team - Your competent partner when it comes to your demand.


Inseparable: organization and production - the team's new facility

Your order is with us in the hands of top specialists with years of experience and the highest qualifications. The great diversity of requirements leads already in the planning stage for a process of "rapid learning". We support and encourage the intensive training, the communication and technical exchange of our employees. This leads to a better understanding between the different departments. The knowledge about the progress of technology and the resulting advantages are for our whole team of great importance, thus we are able to have always the optimal solution for our customers.

"For the person who has only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. P + V has many solutions!"

For our company, the market-driven expansion of the power spectrum is a natural development process to ensure your and our success.


100% quality management from the first moment. Of course!

Top quality! This predicate is to lead each of our products when it leaves our warehouse. P + V represents the highest standard. We have been certified since 1996 according to DIN / EN 9001:2000 and have them check the timeliness of our work annually. To meet the high demands of our customers, each drawing part is subject to a continuous quality control with appropriate documentation. On customer request we create specific controls, with test reports and inspection certificates But there are criteria in addition to the technical details, which are very high: for the responsible use of the environment and nature, we operate an active environmental management EMASII / ISO 14001. We also maintain the quality of communication, technical and interpersonal relationships, our success is the result of intensive teamwork. Each employee has contributed a portion and place our appreciation! This commitment is our most valuable asset.