Milled Parts


The manufacture of machined parts is next to the turned parts a focus of our daily work. For us several machining centers are available through which varied contours can be produced economically.
Dimensions:Milled Part made of Alu
max. x3000 y2000 z600
Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass, plastic, other materials
Manufacturing systems:
We manufacture our parts into various multi-axis machining centers (CNC 4-axis / 5-axis machining centers).
Compared to the conventional 3-axis machining, the CNC 4-axis / 5-axis machining centers allow us to work with shorter periods and achieve a significantly improved surface. By using this production system we are able to deliver milled parts in short time and best quality to you.
BMachining centers with 5 axis milling machine also provide opportunities to create 3D Milling. Here can be moved under almost any angle to the production piece. This allows the production of parts with c

Milled with anodized surface

omplex structures and dimensions.
Some examples:
Valve body housing of any kind, profile processing, nuts, connectors, adapter plates, holders

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