Turned Parts


The manufacture of turned parts is next to the milled parts a major focus of our daily work. Through the use of different manufacturing technologies, we are able to manufacture simple to complex parts economical.

Besides the mere production of turned parts, the parts can be grafted on. Surfaces, writing or montages are no problem.

Turned part made of stainless steel

CNC-Turned Parts

Rod Ø: 0.5 to 80 mm
Chuck Ø: 0-660 mm

Aluminum, stainless steel, tempered steel, steel, brass, copper, bronze, plastic, titanium, Hastelloy


Manufacturing Systems:
Simple turning machines to multi-axis systems with driven tools.
For larger quantities we use multi-spindle

Additional machining:
Grinding, polishing, grooves, gear cutting, knurling, honing, quenching and tempering, nitriding, nitrocarburizing

galvanic/ chemical nickel and zinc, Dacromet, anodizing, Geomet, burnishing, liquid painting, Delta Tone, CED coating, chrome, hard chrome plating, copper plating, gold plating, silver plating, phosphating, pearlescent nickel / chromium, zinc lamella coating

 Turned part made of stainless steel with drilling and thread

Automatic Turned Parts

Through the use of various machines, we are in a position to produce simpler parts in medium to large quantities economically and cost effectively. 

of the bar up to Ø65 mm

Bolts, pins, bushings, washers and bolts similar parts

Short Turned Parts

Nuts, bushings, discs, flanges


Long Turned Parts

Diameter Ø:
0-42 mm

Additional treatment:
grooving, grinding, knurling, interlock

Axles, shafts, bars

Ring Turned Parts

Diameter Ø:
0-16 mm
Production quantity:

Bolts, pins, screws


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