Quality is a reflection of our work, which we present ourselves in YOU.
That's why quality is our first ford. Quality is not Coincidence with us.
The corporate mission, and the processes are focused on quality. Each drawing part is subject to continuous quality control, this ensures a fully equipped quality control department. Currently, there are more than 600 test equipment available to check any dimensions or properties of a part can. The dimensional accuracy of the test equipment is regularly monitored by an external service. For each measure, there is also a measuring means.

our equipment

     CNC measuring machine (tactile and visual)

     handheld coordinate measuring machine

     Hardness Tester

     profile Projector

     several inside micrometer

     various gauges with various probes

     Roughness meter

     several micrometers

     Various Calipers

     various test pins and rings

     number of useful lessons


Besides its own commitment to quality, we allow ourselves to regularly certify.

In addition to the established and validated quality management system DIN ISO 9001: 2008, we are promoting for the environment and are in accordance with DIN / EN 14001: 2004 certified.