Quality Control

The quality of our Parts is a top priority at us. Why with us each batch is tested. We place great emphasis on compliance with all tolerances and have an extra emphasis on functionally relevant extent.

The definition of part-specific Prüflosgrößen is not a problem for us.

For custom dimensions and complexity of Passungungen varies. So it may be useful under certain circumstances the Prüflosgröße to put up or down to work cost and quality optimized. We will gladly take your requirements to Prüflosgrößen if desired.

Our parts can be tested in our house in a variety of ways. Our instrument repertoire of around 1000 meters.

Our Equipment

     CNC measuring machine (tactile and visual)

     handheld coordinate measuring machine

     Hardness Tester

     profile Projector

     several inside micrometer

     various gauges with various probes

     Roughness meter

     several micrometers

     Various Calipers

     various test pins and rings

     number of useful lessons



You decide what level of service You want. Give us a call. We inform and advise you.

How to reach us:

Tel .: +49 (0) 7940 / 9200-0

Fax: +49 (0) 7940 / 9200-50

E-mail: info@pv-gmbh.com

Or simply use our online request.